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About Me

My name is Julie Shimoni, a registered nurse with an MHA in health administration. I am a certified master practitioner and trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a certified Ericksonian hypnosis master practitioner, and an accredited Language and Behavior Profile (LAB Profile) practitioner. I am passionate about metaphysics, the mind, and the study of scriptures.


I have 20 years of extensive work experience in the medical health system and public health education and experience as a Scientific Spiritual Guide.

I started my journey to explore and study the consciousness and the infinite in 2009. That year for the first time, I began to experience a new awareness of the self within. I realized that this self is not my sense nor my body but an experience of bliss and peace.


This experience of myself continued to grow and expand. I came to understand that my consciousness is a part of universal energies. I turned to the scriptures of several religions to better understand my inner self. I learned that the characters in the scriptures are the states of mind operating in man's consciousness. Through each character representing humanity's states of mind, I understood my own better and became conscious of my infinite self.


Spiritual growth and personal developments are our passions and the foundations of our being. We constantly aim to improve and positively contribute to individuals and society through our life's purpose. We seek the opportunity to learn through adversity and express the truth of divinity to reach the universal consciousness. Faith, the knowledge of the infinite, and consciousness are things we strive to master every day. Faith allows us to live with optimism and hope. Also, the importance of family cannot be understated, as our values and support system are rooted in our loved ones. Freedom is believing and following the good, as the Creator is good. Lastly, charity brings us deep joy; hence part of the payments from our sessions go to a charitable organization.

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This website is not about any religion. Instead, it is about the journey to self-evolution and the projection of its wisdom: The wisdom to see the world with new eyes, hear the universe with fresh ears, balance emotions, and think the right thoughts. Our prime goal is to lead you to inner growth and teach you to live with knowledge, understanding, acceptance, and poise and achieve the goals you desire on your journey through this life.

NLP Meta-Programs are patterns of our unconscious filtering preferences. They determine what we see and hear, how we think and act, and what we feel. These programs determine the way we process information. As we understand these processes and how we create our patterns and experiences, we can be more flexible, thereby allowing us to maximize our performance. In this book, we offered you ten personality assessment questionnaires to assist you in identifying your fundamental filters. Knowledge of your filters will result in understanding yourself better, having more flexibility, improving rapport with others, and helping others become more flexible. As you better understand yourself, you will become aware of the areas that need improvement while recognizing and reinforcing your strengths. In this way, you will enhance your effectiveness and efficiency in achieving your desired outcomes and goals.

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