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Awaken Your Self

Awaken Your Self

In the depths of the soul, a fire ignites,

A journey unfolds to spiritual heights,

Awakening dawns, like the morning sun,

Guiding us toward the truth to be won.

Look inward, dear seeker, with eyes unveiled,

Unveil the illusions that the world has veiled,

Release attachments, let go of the known,

Embrace the mysteries that lie yet unknown.

Still, the mind's chatter, find inner peace,

In silence, the whispers of wisdom increase,

Meditate, breathe deeply, let the ego subside,

Connect with the universe and let your spirit glide.

Seek truth and knowledge, like a thirst unquenched,

In scriptures and teachings, let your mind be drenched,

For wisdom resides in ancient lore,

And spiritual growth it shall restore.

Surrender your worries, surrender your fears,

Release the burdens that have burdened you for years,

Trust in the process, let go and let be,

Surrender to the flow, and your spirit will see.

Embrace compassion, let your heart expand,

Extend a helping hand, lend a loving hand,

For in service to others, we find our true worth,

And our souls awaken to their divine birth.

Practice gratitude in every breath you take,

For blessings abundant, that life does make,

Gratefulness opens doors to infinite grace,

And fills our spirits with love's warm embrace.

Nature's your teacher; she whispers profound,

In her beauty and stillness, sacred truths are found,

Connect with the earth, the sky, and the sea,

For in their vastness, your spirit is free.

Surround yourself with souls on the same quest,

In spiritual companionship, find solace and rest,

Share insights and experiences, learn and grow,

Together you'll journey in divine flow.

Awakening comes in moments, both gentle and grand,

In synchronicities, signs from the cosmic band,

Trust in your journey, trust in your soul,

For in awakening's embrace, you become whole.

So, walk this path with courage and grace,

Awaken your spirit, let divine light trace,

For in the depths of your being, the truth lies,

Embrace your spiritual awakening and watch as it flies.

Julie Shimoni

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