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Divine Lessons Unveiling Egypt's Plagues

In Egypt's ancient land, so grand,

Ten plagues were sent from God's own hand.

A tale of power, a story told,

Of miracles and lessons bold.

First came the water turned to blood,

The Nile, once pure, became a flood.

From riverbanks to fish-filled seas,

The water's crimson hue did decree.

Then frogs did leap in every place,

From Pharaoh's court to humble space.

In homes, in beds, in pots and pans,

They covered all, a plague's advance.

Next came the lice, tiny and small,

Insects crawling, covering all.

From dust to the skin, they multiplied,

A nuisance plague they could not hide.

Flies swarmed in clouds, buzzing with might,

Annoying all, causing fright.

They filled the air, the land, the skies,

A plague of flies, no compromise.

The livestock fell, a fatal blow,

Cows and horses, high and low.

The beasts succumbed to death's embrace,

A loss that filled the land with grace.

Then came the boils, painful and sore,

Afflicting bodies, hearts, and more.

A plague of pain, it marked the skin,

A lesson learned from deep within.

Hail rained down with thunderous might,

Destroying crops in a single night.

The fields were barren, stripped, and bare,

A lesson in God's power to share.

Locusts swarmed, devouring all,

Leaving no green, no tree too tall.

A plague of hunger, famine's dread,

A lesson learned when fields were bled.

Darkness fell, a shroud so deep,

For three long days, the land did weep.

No light, no sun, a pitch-black veil,

A lesson learned is a spiritual tale.

The final plague, the firstborn's fate,

From a palace high to a humble gate.

Death's hand did strike a mournful cry,

A lesson learned, as lives did fly.

In rhythmic verses, the plagues of old,

Each holds a lesson, a divine unfold.

They unveil power, ignite faith's flame,

Revealing God's plan, forever the same.

So, heed these words, remember well,

The tales of old, the lessons swell.

For in each plague, a truth does lie,

A call to righteousness, to unify.

Julie Shimoni

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