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"Soul's Quest: Journey to Discover 'Who Am I?'"

In quest of truth, a sage dive,

His soul lights, his heart alive,

In "Who Am I?" his wisdom shines,

A journey to the self, profound designs.

"Who am I?" he asked with fervent zeal,

The answer was elusive, yet he'd reveal,

Beyond the body, mind, and name,

The essence of self, the eternal flame.

He gazed within, the depths explored,

Beyond the ego's mask, he soared,

An inward journey, a sacred art,

To find the truth that sets hearts apart.

The mind's labyrinth, he would transcend,

To seek the self, the soul's faithful friend,

In silence, he found the divine embrace,

The eternal truth, the boundless space.

No birth, no death, no time control,

The self-unveiled, the inner soul,

A realm beyond the senses' thrall,

The oneness divine, the cosmic call.

In stillness, he merged with the source,

The self-revealed, a timeless force,

The answer to "Who Am I?" he knew,

In unity divine, his spirit flew.

Oh, seeker, heed the sage's voice,

Inward turn, make a choice,

Beyond the veil of ego's strife,

Discover the truth, the essence of life.

In "Who Am I?" the wisdom gleams,

A timeless path to sacred dreams,

A gift to thee, the journey's call,

In the quest for truth, the souls enthrall.

Julie Shimoni

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