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The Creation

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The Creation

At the beginning of all creation
Lord said the word to start the operation
and actualized every detail of the formation.
The light and darkness were the foundation.
Then He created water and earth in separation.
He planted nature in its location
and the stars for our observation.
Then He created the birds and fish in their variation.
And the animals with names and identification.
The man was the last of His presentation
as he blew the breath of life for vitalization.
Then Eve was created for man’s communication.
Both lived in Eden in appreciation
but fell to sin by eating the fruit of temptation.
Hence, they began the journey of soul evolution
by landing on earth to learn transformation.
Now working through the flesh as an occupation
staying loyal to their obligation
they learn to grow through admiration
to reach their lost destination
which is their conscious LIBERATION.

Julie Shimoni

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