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The God, Jehovah

The God, Jehovah

In realms divine, a name revered,
A presence vast by mortals feared,
Jehovah, God of boundless might,
Who fills the world with radiant light.

From heavens high, His voice resounds,
As galaxies dance, His glory surrounds.
The earth awakes at His command,
His artistry in nature, oh, so grand.

In every atom, His wisdom gleams,
The universe is a tapestry of dreams.
Creator of all, from birth to demise,
With watchful eyes, He hears our cries.

Jehovah's love, a gentle embrace,
He offers solace, mercy, and grace.
A shepherd true, who guides our way,
Through darkest nights to a brighter day.

In humble hearts, His truth resides,
A beacon of hope where faith abides.
Through trials and storms, He stands tall,
With love unyielding, He conquers all.

Yet in His might, a father's touch,
A tender love that means so much.
He knows our struggles, joys, and fears,
He wipes away our sorrowful tears.

So let us bow in humble prayer,
To God Jehovah, beyond compare.
With grateful hearts, our voices raise,
In awe of His eternal praise.

For He is the Alpha, the Omega, our King,
With Him, in His kingdom, we shall sing.
Jehovah, the name that rings divine,
In heavenly harmony, forever shall shine.

Julie Shimoni

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