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The ultimate goal

The ultimate goal

In depths within, where silence dwells,
The soul awakens, its story tells,
A journey vast, of self and soul,
To merge with the divine is our ultimate goal.

Seek the stillness, embrace the hush,
Where thoughts subside in an inner hush.
Unravel the layers, shed the disguise,
To find the truth beneath the veiled skies.

Let ego fade, with its noisy refrain,
Embrace humility and release the chains.
For in surrender, we find the key,
To unlock the doors of unity.

In meditation's embrace, we find,
A gateway to realms, serene and kind.
Still, the mind's chatter, let go of strife,
Connect with the essence, the source of life.

As breath intertwines with the sacred flow,
Inhale the love; let it freely grow.
Exhale the worries, the doubts, the fears,
In the cosmic dance, dissolve the tears.

Open the heart, let compassion bloom,
Kindness, empathy, and love shall consume.
For in Unity’s tapestry, we are all threads,
Interwoven souls, as the divine spreads.

In service to others, we touch the divine,
A vessel of light in this grand design.
Extend a helping hand with selfless grace,
And witness divinity's radiant embrace.

Through gratitude's prism, behold the light,
Illuminate the path, dispel the night.
Acknowledge the blessings, big and small,
And let divine consciousness envelop all.

In nature's embrace, find sacred clues,
The whispering trees, the morning dews.
For every creation is a masterpiece,
A reflection of the divine's sweet lease.

So, seek within, the realm unseen,
Embrace the self, the eternal serene.
Merge with the divine, let your spirit soar,
For in oneness, we find, forevermore.

Julie Shimoni

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