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"Whispers of Purpose: A Symphony for the Soul"

In the dance of existence, a cosmic quest,
Seeking purpose profound, heart's unrest.
A journey unfolds, veiled in mystery,
To find life's purpose, a sacred decree.
Look within, where the whispers reside,
In the silent chambers where truth abides.
Breathe deeply, connect to the eternal flow,
Let your soul's compass and inner wisdom show.
In the tapestry of dreams, aspirations soar,
A symphony of passions, yearning to explore.
Listen to the melodies your heart composes,
For within them, the purpose, it discloses.
Embrace the challenges, forge through the night,
For in the shadows, your purpose takes flight.
Each trial and tribulation is a lesson to learn,
A phoenix rising from the ashes, you'll discern.
On the canvas of time, paint with intention,
Craft your purpose with love, a divine connection.
Not a destination but a journey of the soul,
A constant evolution, making you whole.
In the sanctuary of stillness, meditate,
Reflect on dreams and let them illuminate.
The whispers of purpose, in silence, they sing,
Guiding your steps like a celestial wing.
Sift through the clutter of societal norms,
Uncover the essence, where your spirit transforms.
In the unity of self and purpose aligned,
The symphony of life is harmoniously designed.
Live with passion, let joy be your guide,
Unravel the purpose of this mystical ride.
For in the tapestry of destiny, you weave,
A life fulfilled, in purpose, you believe.
So, dance with purpose under cosmic skies,
In the kaleidoscope of life, where purpose lies.
Achieve it with courage, let your spirit soar,
For in living your purpose, you'll find MUCH MORE.
Julie Shimoni

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